Do not diet abdomen to lose weight

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Do not diet abdomen to lose weight

I have heard of drugs to lose weight, liposuction to lose weight, I did not expect acupuncture can also lose weight?

According to the acupuncture department of the Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Southeast University, abdominal acupuncture weight loss is sufficient to cure significant, painless, no side effects, and does not require dieting, and even special effects of beauty and beauty.

銆€銆€According to the attending physician of acupuncture and moxibustion Gao Jianwei, abdominal acupuncture weight loss is different from traditional acupuncture weight loss. It is based on the clinical dialectical characteristics of TCM’s overall theory, which promotes the control of the organs and is highly targeted.

銆€銆€Traditional medicine believes that obesity is mainly related to the spleen and stomach, liver and kidney and other organs of the human body. The abdomen is close to these organs. The meridians are connected with the spleen and stomach, the liver and kidney, and the abdomen with the oracle (navel) as the core has a high-level concurrency.System, the system has a macroscopic and microscopic effect on the whole body.

銆€銆€Abdominal acupuncture weight loss is natural, painless, non-toxic and side effects, and is favored by young and middle-aged obese women. It is associated with constipation, endocrine dysfunction, and irregular menstruation.

銆€銆€This kind of abdomen called green therapy has a long-lasting effect on weight loss. Acupuncture takes 30 minutes, and usually 2 courses start to work.

The recipient does not need to go on a diet and still live as usual.

銆€銆€It is reported that among the dozens of obese women who have received abdominal acupuncture weight loss, the most obvious one has lost 10 pounds in more than one month.