Don’t blindly pursue old and thin

11/17/2019 0 Comment

Nowadays, due to the improvement of people’s living standards and the changes in dietary structure, more and more obese people.

Scientists have shown that people who weigh more than 10% of normal people (overweight) and those who are normal weight have a six-fold higher risk of developing high blood pressure and a higher risk of heart disease.

5 times, the probability of suffering from diabetes is high 2.

5 times, the probability of suffering from menstrual abnormalities is 3 times higher, and the probability of suffering from knee arthritis is 6 times higher.

If the weight of a person over the age of 45 exceeds 10% of the normal standard, then for every more than 1 kg, the life expectancy will be reduced by 29 days.

Therefore, most of the elderly friends generally believe in the creed of “it is difficult to buy old and thin”, and some even pursue “old and thin”.

In fact, this approach is wrong.

  The “old to thin” body’s metabolism and various physiological functions are lower than normal elderly, relatively weak constitution, poor tolerance to obesity and fatigue, often feel weak in daily life, prone to fatigue and dizzinessA dazzling phenomenon.

If you encounter serious situations such as unexpected events or dramatic changes in your life and natural environment, it is generally difficult to adapt.

In elderly people, due to thinning and dry skin, sebaceous gland secretion is reduced, and the incidence of senile skin diseases such as senile pityriasis, keratosis, and pruritus is also significantly increased.

The weak old people are often low in immune function, and have weak resistance to pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. They are prone to colds, fever, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases and indigestion, gastritis, gastric ulcer, enteritis and other digestive tracts.disease.

In addition, because of the small amount of energy stored in the body, lean people often suffer from diseases, especially chronic wasting diseases, which can prolong the recovery of the disease and even make it difficult to survive life-threatening difficulties.

  Therefore, remind elderly friends that in order to be healthy, they must have a correct understanding of fat and thin.

Too much fear is not good for health, but it is not good to be old and thin. Don’t blindly pursue.

It would be even less sensible to over-regulate the diet in order to get old and thin.