7 small strokes make thin waist and work complement each other

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7 small strokes make thin waist and work complement each other

Because of the long-term sedentary work, the working class is nervous and lacks exercise, and it is prone to stomach cramps and intestines.

In fact, as long as you make a reasonable diet plan, you can also thin waist and your work complement each other and increase efficiency.


Control work catering: three meals a day, do not have to ignore breakfast and lunch.

If you don’t eat lunch, you are likely to heal back to your home and eat a big meal at the dinner table.


Eat less snacks: only carry low-fat, low-energy snacks or snacks such as fruits, vegetables, biscuits, etc.


Put water in the summer: drink water from time to time.

When you want something sweet, drink a glass of boiled water.


Don’t let mental stress force you to eat more: When you have mental stress, don’t pick up food, but go for a walk.

Physical activity is more conducive to relieving mental stress than eating.


Not eating out: The meals in the restaurant often contain more energy and jealousy than the home-made meals.


Don’t eat alone: eat with colleagues and friends.

Focus on the personality of the companion, not on the food.

Do not eat buffet: Buffet often leads to a lot of eating.