Don’t miss the four treasures in early summer.

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Don’t miss the four treasures in early summer.

The 鏋囨澐-carotene content is rich in the homophonic sound, in fact, its name is also related to the shape of the fruit like a cymbal instrument!

It is planted in the southern part of the south. Unlike ordinary fruits, it blooms in autumn or early winter, and matures from spring to early summer. It is therefore called “the only one in the fruit wood.”

There are two kinds of cockroaches, one is red meat and the other is white meat, which is like red meat and white meat in meat.

The sugar in the sugar is mainly fructose, which is also the main source of sweetness. It is also higher than the watermelon with rich fructose content. Fructose is the sweetest of all sugars, but the rate of increase is slower than glucose.Some are definitely beneficial for people with diabetes.

Potassium is rich in potassium, and potassium and sodium are a pair of “also enemy and friends”. The high-potassium diet can be used to balance the high blood pressure caused by high hydrochloride.

The retinol equivalent of medlar, especially red meat, is among the best in common fruits, and is comparable to mango, which has great benefits for vision protection.

In addition, there is a certain medicinal value, and it has the functions of moistening the lungs, relieving cough and quenching thirst. “Chuanbei cream” is a kind of medicine that everyone can use.

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Mature cockroaches don’t recommend eating too much at a time, 1-2.

Green plum wine is the most beautiful early summer, it is the time when the green plum is ripe, the most suitable, the most suitable for women to drink the first green plum wine!

In addition to the sweet and sour taste, the health benefits of plum wine are almost born for women: green plum can promote salivary glands to secrete more parotid hormone, a kind of endocrine hormone, often called “rejuvenation”, which can promote the whole bodyTissues and blood vessels tend to be younger, maintain the rhythm of metabolism, and have the effect of beauty and hairdressing.

However, the green plum is too sour, soak it in the wine, and blending the sugar candy will play a role in promoting strengths and avoiding shortness: the sweet and sour of the plum is drunk by the scent of the wine, and it is a drink, a refreshing appetite, and a heart-warming, it is lazy in the early summer.The best choice to wake up.

Bayberry-anthocyanin, which is rich in anthocyanin, is abundant in the south and has the name of 鈥渁gate in fruit鈥?

Red, purple bayberry also belongs to dark fruit, which replaces the phytochemicals of anthocyanins, which have the effects of anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, delaying aging and improving immunity.

Yangmei is rich in organic acids. Organic acids have certain effects on saliva, gastric juice secretion, improvement of digestion, and promotion of mineral absorption. Therefore, the idiom “Wangmei quenches thirst” also has some truth from the nutritional point of view.

It is also because the organic acid in Yangmei has a certain stimulating effect on the gastric mucosa, so patients with gastritis and ulcer disease should eat less.

Cherry and red bayberry have a common characteristic of recognizing “sisters”, that is, they are very susceptible to “invasion” by Drosophila larvae.

Despite the cherries and the shape of the bayberry, the nutritional value is also high, but many people still have a guilty conscience about the “bugs” that cherries and arbutus encountered in the past.

In fact, cherries, bayberry and other larvae that are soaked in salt water are mainly larvae of fruit flies. They are non-toxic and harmless, and they are killed by strong stomach acid after entering the stomach, becoming a high-protein “food”.Digestion and absorption, will not enter the human body to destroy, and will not become a parasite!

Only the cherries with worms, the surface of the bayberry is easily broken, and it is prone to soft and bad deterioration.

Therefore, when choosing a typical one, you must choose fresh, the peel is intact and intact, and the particles are full.

If you are worried about insects, you can soak them in light salt water and wash them.

In addition, the fruit of the flesh is relatively sweet with a round thorn, while the flesh of the flesh is slightly bitter.

Tip: When buying Yangmei, you must choose fresh, intact and no damage, and the particles are full.

If you are worried about insects, wash them in light salt water before eating.

Cherry-rich lycopene content is lovely in shape, color is pleasant, sweet and sour taste, easy to eat, can be called a popular lover in fruits, love all ages!

Even more gratifying is that as a typical representative of dark fruits and vegetables, the nutritional value of cherries is very high.

The lycopene content of cherries is more abundant than that of ordinary fruits, and it has anti-oxidation, delays aging, and even has certain anti-cancer effects.

The potassium content of the minerals in the cherry is not much different from the potassium content of the “potassium-containing master” bananas in the fruit, which is very helpful for stabilizing blood pressure.

Similar to the sputum in the three sisters, the retinol equivalent in cherries is also very rich, which is helpful for protecting vision and improving immunity.

Many people think that red food has a good iron supplement effect, so I think that cherries are also iron supplement masters.

Actually, this is a misunderstanding.

The iron content in cherries is not high at all, far less than animal foods such as pork liver, pig blood, lean meat, and even spinach and vegetable fungus in vegetable foods. It is also very large, similar to apples, peaches and other fruits.

More unfortunately, iron in plant foods is converted by non-heme iron. Normal people have low digestion and absorption rate of iron. Therefore, cherry iron is not reliable regardless of 鈥渜uantity鈥?or 鈥渜uality鈥?Iron also needs animal food to help.

Tip: When picking cherries, choose the skin without any small holes, full and stiff, not soft and tender, with fruit stems.

The cherries are intolerant, and the cherries that are not finished are best stored in the refrigerator’s freezer to maintain a fresh taste.