How to control the classroom may be effective

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How to control the classroom may be effective

Yu Yongzheng’s 20 recommendations for special teachers, model workers.

Experts with outstanding contributions from the state, enjoy the special government allowances submitted by the State Council; First, how to face the chaotic classrooms.

The ringing is falling. If many people in the classroom turn a blind eye to you, they still go their own way, chaos (especially in the lower grades), you don’t want to lose your temper, but you should observe each person quietly, don’t be strict, but be sharp and flexible.There is God.

In general, most students will slowly calm down.

At this point, you must give the students a satisfactory expression in time, praise the people who perform well, praise the specific, point out which row, which group of students are quiet, and which students are sitting right.

If someone is talking or even making trouble, he “takes attention” to him with a look of expectation or sternness.

Invalid, then point out potential rankings, some people are doing things that affect everyone’s class.

Because you can’t know their names.

Invalid, quickly went to their eyes, asked them to stand up, serious but worded civilized to tell him that they were asked to stand up because they ignored classroom discipline and affected others to learn.

When necessary, ask them to write their names on the blackboard and say: “Hey, I know, you are Li Yong, you are Wang Qiang.

“(There must be their names in mind) Don’t blame, let alone ridicule, especially in the upper grades, they will know what the teacher is doing, and that means.

This is called “killing the chicken and seeing the monkey” – this is a bit unpredictable, and what I express is only our purpose.

This trick is definitely effective.

Don’t worry about how the class was messed up at the time, stupidly into the classroom.

Otherwise, it is difficult for you to go on in class.

Really, some kids are not as cute as you think.

Children’s nature is very moving, so to speak, so ask, someone can’t sit still for a moment.

Children in the lower grades do not know what is called “authority”, what is called “observance”, what is called “democracy”, so they must be given rules, rules, mandatory, binding, starting, and studentsThe law is about three chapters – what should be done in class, can not be done, violated, how the teacher should be disciplined.

My understanding: From the time of class to class, the child’s heart and behavior take time to adjust.

At this point, teachers should not interfere with premature intervention, but should use three reminders with caution.

The first weight: eye reminder, can make some children quiet; second weight: praise reminder, by commending good children, suggesting that children who have not adjusted can make most children quiet; third weight: name reminder, its essenceThere are criticisms that can be killed.

If the triple reminder has no effect, it can only show that you usually indulge your child’s habits.

Second, 90% focus on students, and 10% focus on the implementation of teaching programs.

Be good at expressing your satisfaction, anger and anger with your eyes.

Try not to bark, reprimanding can only occasionally fire.

Eyes should always be directed at those students who are not guarding, active, and eager to speak. They can ask them to do something – they can read books, read words, perform, and verbally on the blackboard. This is called “moving action”.Encourage, praise, remind students, but the words should be concise and clear, avoid the mother-in-law’s embarrassment.

Such praise would be more effective: “The second group of students sat the most upright.

“If there is a “commotion” in a corner of the class.

“Li Yong’s eyes have been watching the teacher.

“-If Li Yong is at the same table, or is doing small moves.”

“Xiaoqiang students are good at thinking.

“-If Xiaoqiang’s reading at the same table is absent-minded.”

To eliminate the problem in the “bud” state.

When you want to, move the individual student seat.

“Please Xiaoyong and Li Li to adjust their seats.

“It is best to transfer individual students with poor self-awareness to a position close to the teacher.” For such problems, the treatment should be decisive, and it will be quick and confusing, and there is no need to say anything.

My understanding: The special teacher is especially concerned that they always pay attention to the child, and at the same time can follow the child’s situation.

Third, remember each student’s name as soon as possible – first remember the names of students who perform well and perform poorly.

The praise of the name is better than the praise of the unnamed surname, the criticism of the surname, the reminder, and sometimes the effect is better.

Write out the student seat schedules of the classes you have given, and put them on the desk during class. This will help you remember the student’s name and get to know each student and his family as quickly as possible.

My understanding: the benefits of calling his name will make the child feel that the teacher attaches great importance to him.

Even the name can’t remember, the child will be very disappointed.

Fourth, we must pay attention to the form of teaching, and the means are changeable.

The attention of the lower grade students is very short-lived.

If the first word is read by the teacher and the second word is also, then the third one is to ask the excellent students to return to the teacher. The first time the text is read, the second and third times are best to read freely, or the sameRead each other between the tables.

Reading, reading words should not let students read the scorpion (lower grades are easy to make this problem).

If the whole class is required to read words, can the sound be low to high and then high to low?

That must be very interesting and very artistic.

The book “big” and “small” deliberately write “big” big, and write “small” small; the book “Camel and Sheep” deliberately writes the former big, wastes writing small; the book “Whale”Deliberately write this word to the big, so the students must give a hearty smile.

This is also a change.

The first time the role is read aloud, all students are involved. The second time you participate, the students will definitely read the spirit.

This word allows the students to contact and understand, and the word asks them to express the action; the word asks the student to use it to say the sentence – understand in the application, the word ask them to look up the dictionary.

The kingfisher, the swallow’s outline painting, and the whale, let the students see the picture.

Studying “Shushan Save the Mother” allows students to tell stories, learn “Guilin Landscape”, just let them see the courseware of Guilin landscape, and recite it. This is called “change.”

Without change, students will be bored; without change, there will be no teaching art.

My understanding: Suhomlinski said a good sentence, the teacher should always pay attention to the child’s inner world.

My impression is that when you first think about teaching, if you want to teach your child, you must first let your child think and think.

Fifth, we must carefully observe the students, fully understand the students, and listen to the students’ individuality.

If you are in a proper time and occasion, inadvertently claiming a commendable thing or a commendable performance by a certain student, he is often surprised and greatly encouraged.

The praise should be real and avoid empty.

“You are always careful at homework and there are very few mistakes.

“You answer the question not only right, but also clear.”

“- This is more specific.

Correct use of body language can make students feel your sincerity and relatives, and close the distance between teachers and students.

Such as shoulders, hands, stickers, etc.

My understanding: teachers need to judge feedback, feedback, or feedback.

Indifferent or indifferent to the child’s performance, eventually the child’s passion is slowly extinguished.

Sixth, teaching the lower grades, the whole class can be divided into several groups (such as four groups). During class, it happens that the students perform well in some aspects, and they all draw a red flag or an apple on his group;If someone does not perform well, wipe off a red flag or an apple.

In class, praise the group that performed particularly well.

This approach is effective in maintaining classroom discipline.

My understanding: people are most afraid of being alone, and it is difficult for one to make it.

But it is very different in the collective because there is peer supervision.

The group teaching is to let the children supervise each other for honor.

There is more than one teacher in the classroom, everyone is a teacher.

Seven, do not pursue the excitement of classroom teaching, small hands like Lin, you said that I sometimes “false prosperity”, “bubble economy.”Let the students learn to think and feel the text.

Tell the students that the teacher asks a question. People who have to think about raising their hands, who like to think about it, think about it.

Don’t teach your child to be impetuous.

Quiet and far away.

Tranquility is the heart of no distracting thoughts, concentrate on thinking, and study hard.

Some students are very good and like to raise their hands. You can say to him like this: “I know that you are very good. When others can’t say it, if you can’t read it well, if you can’t write well, please ask you to go out. How?

“You can’t let a few students “exclusively class.”

My understanding: These words are correct, don’t teach your children to be impetuous.

However, I still disagree: for children who often do not think about raising their hands, but if a class often does not raise their hands, they should encourage all hands raised, as long as the child raises his hand, if the child dares to speak, it is progress.Slowly, the child will speak better and better, and finally it is a habit to answer the hand.

Eight, how to play with students in class.

If you play games with them, you must follow the “rules of the game.”

If you foul, you must accept the corresponding approval.

In this way, students will really know that you are one of them, you are like them.

The teacher should be similar to the student, and should not and cannot ask the student to be similar to the teacher.

My understanding: I am deeply touched by this. Teacher and student play is actually one of the best ways of education. This is a kind of psychological education.

When students like this teacher, the class has become fascinating; and when the child hates the teacher, all his education has failed.

We appreciate the art of teaching by special teachers, but we don’t know what they are doing after class.

Nine, take the first class.

Carefully prepare the lesson, adhere to the quasi-textbooks, put the teaching materials in your heart, and prepare the teaching aids.

Organize teaching.

Once the students are quiet, reset their talents and talents.

If the beginning of the paragraph is enthusiasm; the first word of the book makes the students admire; the first reading makes the students feel moved; the students with rich expressions and clever eyes attract the students; the decent humor makes the children laughA touch of love makes the students feel kind; the changes in teaching methods make the students feel interesting and focus on them; then you are successful.

If this is the case, and I will not slack off in the future, I dare say that you are absolutely successful.

The above aspects can be achieved in half, and will be successful and have confidence.

If you are not enough, try to cultivate.

My understanding: the art of education is not in the right place, but in small details.

We do not hinder the opposite: the speech is boring, reading dry, indifferent, lifeless, indifferent, this is the embodiment of teaching behavior in most teachers’ classrooms.

This also understands why you are not a special teacher.

Ten, there are a few stories and jokes in the belly, looking for opportunities to tell students.

The teacher tells the story and the student will never forget it.

If you can’t forget the story, you can’t forget your teacher. Telling a story is especially helpful for naughty students to get close to you.

When an active student pulls you to tell a story, don’t take the opportunity to ask him, let alone criticize him, otherwise he will be embarrassed.

You can say this: “I didn’t expect you to listen to the story I told!

There will definitely be opportunities in the future.

“Use this opportunity to communicate with them.”

My understanding: I also often tell stories to children, and children often go home to talk to mom and dad.

Children valued differently than teachers valued.

The rigorous and meticulous teaching process that teachers value, the children value the fun and fun.

I have always disliked teachers who are too strict, teaching is so serious, how boring life is.

Eleven, I am still worried that you can’t drive the classroom – poorly organized classroom teaching. This must be said to the students who influence everyone’s learning: “This class is not only you, but dozens of people.

You must first consider any matter you do: will it affect everyone.

Self-interest, but can not harm people; harming others and self-interest is something that everyone can’t.

“Children in the lower grades can make a few words: “When you talk, it will affect others to listen and do homework, so please don’t talk casually.”

In the classroom, the teacher who teaches the lower grades is the one that organizes the teaching.

The idiom “bitter and bitter” is a true portrayal of teaching lower grade teachers.

My understanding: After teaching for more than ten years, I found that to organize a good classroom, we must take a two-pronged approach.

One tube is to give the child a reason, let the child understand this.

But you must never be naive to think that your child will be able to do well if you are influenced by you. Even if they shed tears of sincerity, they will continue to commit crimes in the next moment.

Therefore, two tubes are needed: to make rules, we must give the children some pressure to let the children understand that if they continue to make mistakes, they will have to bear serious responsibilities.

Twelve, read frequently – note that I am talking about reading frequently – about education, psychology, and teaching theory, and to develop the habit of reading through various educational magazines.

Reading should be related to your own reality, and you should apply the income of reading to your work.

I suggest you take a reading note and write down the famous words.

My understanding: In today’s society, doctors care about medicine, only care about money, doctors and patients have nothing to do with him; businessmen do not care about conscience, only care about profits, melamine poisoned children have nothing to do with him; teachers do not care about teaching, usually playing cards, students develop with himHe Guan.

Why do so many people in all walks of life are willing to follow the trend and are not willing to delve into their majors.

Thirteen, if you make a mistake – some problems are not handled properly, the words are not properly spoken, and even corporal punishment students (I am worried that you will endure).

Be sure to admit your mistakes in the face of full-time students and apologize to the students.

The teacher admits to the student and apologizes that the mistake becomes an educational resource.

My understanding: the movement of the opposite.

Anything can be an opportunity for education.

The key is that the teacher is not smart enough to use it.

The teacher’s words and deeds are the best education for the child.

Fourteen, when it comes to the key points, or when it comes to key issues, we must organize teaching and remind people who are not focused.

Otherwise, the continuous expansion of the team of students with learning difficulties will be sustainable.

My understanding: This is also the embodiment of experience.

Just as we take the children to drift, the river goes east, but the water flow is urgent and slow. At the waterfall, in the whirlpool, we should remind the children more.

Fifteen, students who like to learn and study are good, but they must not let the students grind the teacher’s preference.

Preference is one of the taboos of the teacher.

If you spend a lot of time with your child, you will feel that each child teaches a lovely place, even a ugly student, who will slowly look good and care for those who are poor.

Learn to appreciate children.

Let the students feel that your way of knowing him is simple – talk to them actively; praise some of their strengths; pat their shoulders; play with them, such as a wrench wrist; ask them to do something for the teacher — such as the receipt of homework.

If you let the student point the wrench wrist and let the student win once, he will be happy and forget: “Wow, I beat the teacher.”

“My understanding: Every child is a Rubik’s Cube, the key is to find the best side of the Rubik’s Cube.

The best teacher, whether he praises or criticizes, can inspire his children.

Sixteen, it is best to be the class teacher.

When the class teacher can really be a teacher, he can exercise himself.

If you are a class teacher, don’t forget to engage in activities.

Think about what activities you like most in your childhood, that is what you want your teacher to do. The most obvious role of engaging in activities is to enhance the unity between the students and the collective cohesion of the class.

My understanding: In my more than ten years of teaching, I have a strong desire to be a class teacher, but often there are too many things and time is not good.

Eight years ago, I said that teachers who did not work as class teachers could not appreciate the true happiness of being a teacher.

That kind of happiness is a blend of happiness and happiness.

Seventeen, the requirements for students should be strict, but not too much harm, Feng Ban of the Qing Dynasty said: “The teacher is too strict, the disciples are not so much, the weak is not ugly, the strong is ruthless, the whip is under the shackles, making peopleDo not give birth to good thoughts.

“It means that if the teacher is too powerful, the weak child becomes irritable.
If something goes too far, it will go to the opposite side.

As Confucius said: “To be warm and powerful, but not to be fierce, to be respectful.”

If you have approved Zhang Sanyi today, you must find a reason to praise him tomorrow, at least take the initiative to talk to him, as if nothing happened yesterday.

My understanding: Ancient Chinese philosophy believes that things have yin and yang, yin and yang balance is all things harmonious, yin and yang imbalances, everything disappears.

The same is true for teaching, and teachers must pay attention to balance.

Extreme education will always fail. This is what I said three years ago.

Therefore, I advocate middle school education, and the moderate is balance.

Not blindly criticizing, not praising, not being harsh, not letting go.

Eighteen, there is one more thing to say, that is, all parents of the students must treat each other with courtesy.

Don’t blame students in front of parents.

For any student, you must first affirm his strengths and magnify the advantages.

It is also necessary to build confidence in the parents who are poor students.

The 鈥淩osenthal Effect鈥?also applies to parents of students.

Try not to ask the parents to come to the school, but should take the initiative to go to the student’s home.

When the teacher stepped on the student’s home, he was calm and eager to talk to the parents. What kind of feelings should students and parents feel? What kind of mood!

In this case, I think that no matter what you talk about, students and parents will accept it.

My understanding: the problem of the teacher’s headache when communicating with the parents.

My experience is that parents of excellent students should let him clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of their children and clarify the direction of their efforts. For parents who are behind, they should enlarge their advantages and talk about their strengths. Parents who are overconfident about children should talk about it.Some questions; parents who are too pessimistic about their children should say more progress.

Nineteen, I remember that Mei Lanfang, a master of Beijing opera, said this sentence: “If you don’t watch other people’s plays, you can’t play your own play.”

“The act is like this, and so is teaching.”

When I was internship, I first listened to other teachers to attend classes. I still remember the scene of Xu Shi’s teacher Li Xiaozhen.

Looking at the class of a good teacher is like reading a living education and living teaching method. This is very different from the feeling of reading. You go to the podium and go to the podium and gradually take time to quote other people’s classes. I have not listened.Li Xiaozhen, Si Xia, Wang Lan, Li Mengyu, Zuo Youren, Li Jilin, Zhang Guangyu, Jia Zhimin, Zhi Yuheng, Yan Jiayan, Zhang Shulin and many other excellent teachers, I am afraid that the class will not be good, you can also say:”If you don’t listen to other people’s classes, you can’t take your class.

“My understanding: In my teaching career, Li Zhenxi, Wei Shusheng, Yu Yongzheng, Huang Wei, Qiu Qiaowen (colleague), Wu Xinchao (colleague)’s class inspired me a lot, let me see a differenceThe style and realm, but more importantly, find some essential rules from the middle.

My class is still not good enough, but I understand the direction of progress.

Twenty, the above said, are all special attention when you first become a teacher.

You have previously been interested in being a teacher. Please remember the two words of the ancients: learning to be a teacher and being a fan.

A few years ago, I chatted with a principal and paid attention to the popular “teachers must constantly update their ideas”, which I am very disgusted with.

I don’t like to lead the teacher to be too idiotic. This concept has not been digested. The concept has come again, washed and washed away, and the last thing left is his most primitive experience.

I advocate “teachers must constantly improve their ideas.” A teacher must first have an independent speculative spirit and not follow the trend.

It should be noted that each concept has advantages and disadvantages at the same time, and good ideas are sometimes not suitable for you.

Therefore, teachers should constantly absorb, absorb what is useful to them, gradually form their own ideas, and constantly improve their own ideas.